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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> rescued by two heroes. why they made sure everybody got out, at 11:00.
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y2300y y5yy cut off before they could evacuate. new at 11:00, a family rescued by three heroes. good evening. i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm laura harris. wendy ryan has the night off. in pasco county three unsung heroes spent labor day pulling families >> abc action news is live tonight. cameron. >> reporter: we're in new port richey. the roads are still significantly flooded. as you move back into these neighborhoods it gets even worse. but that didn't stop three men this weekend from risking it all for people they didn't even know. hundreds of people have felt
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hermine. in its aftermath families are still being forced from their homes. >> we noticed a lot of people stuck in their homes. >> reporter: these three men were not affected by the flooding, but seeing the despair they decided to do what they could by boat. one family helped because they spotted a little girl asking to be rescued. >> i saw little elizabeth waving. she's adorable. >> reporter: the girl was stranded inside her home. her mom, dad, d sisters surrounded by water. >> you don't have to be scared. >> reporter: that was on saturday. and the group continues to help flood victims. >> we do whatever we can. >> reporter: tonight this man is doing it from his family owned restaurant. the food destined for the plates of the families he once called strangers. >> i can help with you that. >> how are you? are you okay? >> reporter: but a life changing experience has changed all of that.
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heroes. they took us out of our home that we didn't know where we were going, what to do. those are angels that saved us. >> reporter: the good news is those looking to get back into their homes, the flood waters are expected to recede and get below those flood limits by tomorrow afternoon. in new port richey, cameron poland, abc action ne. look at one business that was hit the hardest by hurricane hermine. as michael paluska shows us, a roller skating rink is the worst place for flood waters to hit. >> reporter: this is what $250,000 worth of waterlogged wood looks like. they've been ripping this stuff out. it's extremely heavy. the owner says the county isn't doing enough to protect his business from rising flood
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humidity filled skate rink which is why our lens kept fogging up. >> 18,000 square feet of hardwood. you have to cut the walls out, replace the doors. >> reporter: the owner bought the rink 0 years ago, and since then he has been flooded 10 times. recently, though, things have gotten worse. >> since 2012 we've had three total wipe-outs. >> reporter: this is the he did a complete remodel. now he has to do it all over again a year later. >> if we don't open in two months, it will be 80 plus. >> reporter: he knows his employees will take a financial hit so he's paying them for their hard work clearing out the debris. >> not angry, but i'm really disappointed in the county. i mean, when it happens one time, okay.
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looking. now it happened a third time. >> reporter: so how long to clean up this mess? the owner hopes to be up and running in october, less than two months. >> michael thank you. pasco county just releasing this preliminary damage report, inspectionors saying the storm destroyed nine houses. nearly 30 others have major damage and nearly 200 homes have minor damage. new at 11:00, the hillsborough river is closed tonight. that's because the bypass canal system is being activated to lower the levels. waters are now being direct to the lower hillsborough flood detention area. boat barriers went up tonight at 11:00. labor day weekend cut short for many along the east coast as post-tropical cyclone hermine spins north, hermine now out to sea. the storm made for a rough ride
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the seas headed to bermuda. we did have some heavy downpours earlier, a few thunderstorms in the mix. but we're nice and dry at the moment. take a look at titan doppler radar scanning the skies. everything is looking great. as we continue into the overnight you can expect the same when you are waking up. the morning drive nice and dry, temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. so a little bit lower than what we have been seeing lately. tomorrow afternoon unlikely you are going to encounteran home from work after this beautiful holiday weekend. 91 degrees is the high for tomorrow. i will have the seven-day forecast and tell you more about the lower humidity. laura, back to you. >> shay, thank you. breaking news out of iraq. a deadly car bombing lighting up the midnight sky in central baghdad, isis claiming responsibility for the car bomb that killed at least seven
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activist phyllis schlafly died at her home. she founded a conservative group and was known as an anti- feminist. she was 92. we're just learning governor rick scott has canceled a trip to washington, d.c. to lobby for more money to fight the zika virus, the governor saying he needs to stay in florida to monitor the hermine. tonight 21,000 homes are still without power, most in leon county outside of tallahassee. and we're just learning about a new strain of the zika virus, some one showing up in singapore. officials believe this new strain is coming from southeast asia and not south america. a south florida family is mourning the loss of two therapy dogs shot dead by their neighbor, the neighbor arrested facing animal cruelty charms. he told police the dogs came
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aggressive. he says he shot them to scare them but didn't mean to kill them. one of the dogs was a comfort dog for the mom who survived cancer. >> when i was depressed, she would come put her paw on me. >> i have known buff fee since was three. i'm going to miss her. >> the family's third dog was able to escape without being shot. the people says that dog is helping them get thug loss now. >> happening tomorrow, hillary clinton returns to tampa to campaign. she will be speaking at usf. clinton is expected to talk about national security. her husband and former president bill clinton will be in orlando on thursday. well, still much more all new at 11:00. how a local artist is doing what she can for families dealing with childhood cancer. and parades are meant to make people happy but one costume had the opposite
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we will show that you costume coming up. plus, a young boy so excited to get baptized he ends up stealing the show at his own chump. we will show what you he did that now has millions watching. >> download the new abc action news app for your phone and
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new tonight police say they are investigating threats to kill jewish and muslim students at a south c school. the threats posted on-line promise an attack tomorrow showing a person 18 gas mask holding a knife with a swastika on the handle. >> i unfriended him off of facebook and i haven't heard from him since. >> he told the other gay in the post i'm going call the police, which he did, and we're grateful for that or we would not have known about it. >> no arrests have been made but police say they will have extra officers on campus tomorrow when students return
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had to see grandma so with mom sleeping they took control of the situation. officials say they got behind the wheel of her car, shortly crashing at a nearby intersection, but luckily a neighbor was there to help. >> when i held the kids hands, i said, where's your mom, sleeping, i want to go to my grandma's house. >> surprisingly no one was hurt. gm settling two of its ig the settlement comes a day before the trial started on another issue. three more cases will be heard next year. gm recalled more than two million cars for defective switches in 2014. 124 people are now dead. 275 were hurt as a result of that defect. well, good news for drivers tonight. labor day gas prices are at their lowest since 2004. gas is 20 cents cheaper now than that time in that year.
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an extra $300 this year. >> a clearwater artist taking matters into her own hands to help kids with cancer smile. as michael paluska shows us her nonprofit is not only having an impact in florida but across the country. >> reporter: in a tiny clearwater cottage, the effortless strokes of this brush and the clock on the wall are all you hear. >> so i fell in love images, and i fell in love with the cause. >> reporter: earlier this year she launched the nonprofit. she has now recruited 40 artists to paint family portraits from pictures. >> we're putting it there basically for nothing. >> reporter: each portrait takes 70 hours to complete. and would she is drawing for weighs heavily on her mind. some are portraits for veterans serving overseas.
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>> i think about them, i think about them without their parents at night. will they have parents next year? will they be together? >> this is your portrait right here. >> oh my goodness. that is amazing. >> reporter: it is rare for her to hand-deliver a picture, but this portrait was created for an eight-year-old diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. >> what do you think when you see that picture? >> happy. >> reporter: he had a bone marrow transplant a year ago family's memories from the past year aren't good ones. >> he had tons of keep mo. >> reporter: i spent three months in isolation, chemo and radiation therapy every single day, but now starting second grade he loves science, but not doctors. >> he told me he doesn't want to be a doctor because they're weird. >> reporter: he wants to be a canine officer, the perfect job to compliment his courage. until this emotional moment, the hard work she put in
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>> a painting is not really, in my mind, a complete thing until it's received, until it's viewed, until it's enjoyed, until it has found a home, so to speak. >> reporter: in clearwater, michael paluska, abc action news. a less so in history tonight. and a piece of art going up in flames in london. but it's supposed to. the 400-foot-long replica of central london from 1666 placed mark the 350th anniversary of the great fire of london. that fire destroyed most of the city. after taking a lot of flak from people on-line an ohio humane society sharing a happy reunion story. it all started several weeks ago when one family's dog ran away. the mother looked everywhere posting missing flyers on-line,
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finally found him. unfortunately the kendell told her it was too late, another person was filling out the paperwork to adopt her dog. after hearing the story, that person agreed to return the dog to its family. >> take a look at this. people on-line understandably upset by what you see here, many consider an offensive costume. the two people are dressed as the world trade center on 9/11, the towers on fire. they even have dolls attached to show people jumping out. the couple w called dragon con in atlanta. the convention is the second largest internationally behind san diego's comic-con. a spokesman for dragon con says the costume was offensive and inappropriate. those two people were not registered attendees. last year some 7,000 people attended dragon con in downtown atlanta. one little boy's baptism video is now going viral, his
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jesus today. clearly his son couldn't wait to do it. listen. >> i now baptize you in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. >> he said, i'll do it. the six-year-old deciding he already waited long enough and decided to dunk himself. you heard him there squealing, i'll do it, while the pastor finishes the blessing. his dad recorded the special moment. he said he had no idea it would end up going viral. it's already gotten nearly three million views. >> it still counts. great news for conservationists. giant pandas are no logger considered endangered. the news comes just days after twin giant pandas were born at
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chinese breeding program. people say cat videos are the best thing on the internet. this cat seems to think otherwise. take a look at this kitty watching birds on youtube climbing on the laptop even looking behind the screen trying to figure that out. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> fur trying to figure this weather out it looks like we could start to get out of that summer pattern that we had. >> and much lately. so, yeah, we've got a dryer trend ahead. good news for the flooding situation, and also good news for the comfort factor over the next couple of mornings. it's nice and dry as we're looking from the rivergate tower kampa camera. it looks beautiful out there all lit up. as we look at the radar you can see not lit up at all. in fact, we are nice and dry all across tampa bay as we're scanning the skies here live.
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rain around desoto camera. that's the last bit of it. i don't think it's anywhere landing on anyone's house. that's good news if you have been tired of the rain. so we are looking at a really nice night. temperatures right now are in the upper 70s. 80 degrees in st. pete. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. those skies will continue to clear out as we move into the overnight. most of our winds have been from the northeastut slightly more easterly pattern. bottom line, it's not going to have any impact on your comfort or rainfall overnight or early tomorrow morning. take a look at the futurecast showing that we're on the dry side. we will remain that way into the morning drive. so 8:00 in the morning looking great out there. and as we get to noon if you want to take lunch outside, and you don't mind the heat, it is going to be gorgeous for it. we are not looking at any
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just a couple of little spots of green. not all of that would even reach the ground. so we are looking at low chances for rain as we're starting off this abbreviate work week. so things looking good out there. when it comes to drier air which i mentioned was moving in our dew points have been in the mid to upper 70s. that puts us in that oppressive range, right? but over the next 24 hours, even 12 hours, we're going to see those levels cin them come down. so tomorrow in the afternoon in the peak of the heat instead of being in the oppressive range we're just going to be in the uncomfortable range. those morning lows are going to be a little lower. i think it is also going to help that in comfort factor. so still the best time to get the yard work in if you are worried about the heat and humidity is early in the day but as far as rainfall goes any time tomorrow is looking good because the rain chances are so low out there with that drier
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developments this is the remnants of hermine still churning up the ocean a little bit but doesn't look like much of anything on the satellite image. there are two other spots, both of them very low chances of developing in the next five days, and both of them in the long-term models don't look like they would have any impact on our weather. so we can enjoy this nice stretch of drier weather with those morning lows in the low to mid concerns. you might even find it more co again, we are looking at the northern counties, around citrus county, temperatures in the upper 60s to start the day. the chance for rain does increase over the next few days but still only up to 30% by thursday. friday looks to be the wettest day of the week. the weekend is looking fantastic. so even behind friday's rain, saturday and sunday are looking great. just a mix of sun and clouds and a few afternoon showers and storms. highs still near 90 degrees.
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going to feel steamy even with that drier air in place for a couple of days giving us more comfortable morning lows. we do have an east wind so if you are checking out your storm shield app and you are looking at the radar and trying to figure out if the rain is headed your way, if something is off to the east of you then you know little headed in your direction. that's florida's most act occur loot seven-day forecast. jamison, back to you. >> thank you shay. what a comeback the noles are on after a horren half. t.k. has an update in orlando next
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hello, folks.
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point underdogs sunday versus the falcons. with the talent they have, it's a slap in the face. when atlanta flexes on sunday the buccaneers can counter. no doubt, atlanta presents some worries on offense, from quarterback matt ryan receiver julio jones. >> they have three really fine football players. game wreckers, we like to call them, on offense. what they do in their running game fits him a lot. then julio is a threat to score from anywhere on the field at any time. and obviously i'm very fond of matt ryan as a quarterback. >> but what are the -- but one of the strengths of this buccaneers team is their defensive line.
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>> i mean, i think they proved in preseason that we have good depth on the d-line. we had consistent pass rush, and i think we do have really good depth. >> when it comes to this revamped defense, coordinator mike smith has set a certain mentality that demands results. >> he's a really fine teacher and motivator. he's made it important. those guys, they realize the here and that we are not going to settle for being mediocre on defense. >> well, we could tell you defensive tackle gerald mccoy and linebackers won't stand for mediocrity. the captains were named with russell shepard representing special teams. there will be a weekly captain. as well.
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florida state in big-time rally mode, folks. in the second half, down by 22 at one point, fsu would score 23 quick. whitfield's three-yarder giving the noles the one-point lead. then a short time later the rally continues. fsu has scored 33 unanswered points to lead, the score right now is quarter. okay, meanwhile at the trop, rays and orioles open up a three-game series. a three-run home tore give the rays the lead. baltimore scoring in the 4th. chris davis' two-run base hit starting that 5th inning comeback. 7-3 orioles. we're back in a minute and change.
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